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Lo Cósmico Cabaña and Hammock Rates

An inner view of the honeymoon suite


We offer many different cabañas, depending on your budget and standard. The normal price for a hut is 150 pesos but the prices range from 150 to 300 pesos for two persons, depending on:
  • Location of the cabaña- beachside or hillside
  • Number of beds
  • Number of people per room
  • Room features(balconies,hammocks, tables etc.)


For only 50 pesos you get a night in one of our nice and comfortable hammocks. But not only that, you also get to sleep in what is probably one of Zipolites most beautiful places! Our hammock terrace has an astonishing view over the Zipolite beach. Every morning you will see the sun come out right of the sea (see below).

The hammock terasse
A view of the Hammock Terrace.

For reservations please use ourreservation form. Please note: The hammock terasse is not water proof and therefore only available in dry season (winter)!

Tip: Before booking, check what our actual WebSpecial offers...

Upper picture: An inner view of the honeymoon suite